Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Andrew stumped me on this word. The first thing I thought of was Aesop's Fables. And then I went blank. What about a fable? Where did he want me to go with this word? How did I photograph it? How did I design a piece of jewellery around it? Yikes. This was a tuffy for me, and it kept me from my blog for a while. I kept checking the weekly words, and they only continued to stump me, and I continued to avoid them. But then, Andrew, challenged me to write again. I knew I would, but thought I would just wait till a word came along that spoke to me. I'm guessing though, that the whole point of this exercise is to challenge myself, and think outside the box, or just to think, and express, instead of feeling blocked. Fable conjured up images of horses & mythical creatures, & giant man-eating plants. 


Then it hit me — Pinocchio.

 A fable. An Italian fable. What's not to like? This cute little wooden puppet who wants to be a boy, who had issues with his nose and the truth, and yet, a life lesson was learned. So, fable — Pinochio, presenting a succinct life lesson — as a fable should.


  1. I'm glad that things fell into place and that you were able to participate! Fable I think is an interesting word, because what it boils down to is "story"... particularly a story with mythic and legendary elements.

    We each are our own storytellers and create stories with our lives and our actions. And I believe that many times we connect to the Primal Energies and Universal Archetypes and relive in our own ways, these mythological and seemingly too fantastical narrations. We are the makers of Word and the shapers of the Divine.

  2. Wow!

    I agree, we are all storytellers.

    You are a very good storyteller!


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