Monday, July 30, 2012

Out with the old, and in with the new...

The relationship lasted a year and half. Quite long by most standards. It was one of comfort and stability. We saw many miles together, through all weather and all temperatures. I new there was an expiration date on this relationship, and I had pushed it, much longer than I should, due to sheer laziness on my part. No longer was I getting the support I needed, nor the comfort for that matter. We had been through so much together...

The time had now come, for me to say goodbye to my Mizuno Wave Alchemy's, and embrace my lovely New Balance 860v2's. Yes, my new running shoes are actually kind of girly, with pink striping and outline on the lettering. My old shoes were men's, and well, looked it. The downside of having large feet is they only supply one size eleven, per style, so I often slip over to the men's running shoes. Really, what's in a shoe, after all I was looking for comfort, but I felt so girly putting on these  new found beauties.

Tonight I went for a  power walk. The crickets were chirping, the cicadas were singing, and the sun was just lowering enough, to take away the intense heat of the day. It was a lovely 28˚C and I was gliding in my new shoes. It is early days, and I don't know if this affair is going to stick. I'll have to do another couple of walks before I know for sure, that these are the ones, and I don't have to trade them in for my second choice, the Saucony's.

My well worn Mizunos and my new beauties.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Twilight Tea

Last night was one of those balmy summer nights, you dream of in the dead of winter. It was 25˚ at 9:00 pm, the warm breeze was blowing, there was a lovely crescent moon and you wanted to stay outside as long as possible. I was at a "tea & talk" at the Old Mill, with friends Vicki and Katherine, learning the benefits of drinking tea, while scarfing back scones and clotted cream, hoping the benefits outnumbered the negatives of the clotted cream.

Now Vicki has been taking a tea sommelier course, and I'm sure had heard much of this before. I was simply enjoying the ambiance and taking in all this new found knowledge. I was told that there are four main teas, black, oolong, green and white, which, I did already know. I learned about the beneficial synergy about combining green teas from both Japan and China. I also found out that those on blood thinners should not be drinking green tea, as it thins the blood further.

Katherine, me & Vicki al fresco at the Old Mill for tea.

Katherine was running late coming from work, and arrived for the finale of the talk, but managed to enjoy her full English tea. The three of us have enjoyed teas together over the past year or so to celebrate one another's birthdays. We try a new location each time, and last night determined that the scones at the Old Mill were definitely the yummiest so far. But what I confimred, was that I so love to enjoy an evening out of doors, with good friends doing something that brings a smile to all of us.

I'll have to etch this night into my memory bank, and pull it out in January, when I hear the wind howling outside and the freezing rain hitting my window. Another cup of Massala Chai please.

The aftermath.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've circled the calender

Thank you Joanne.

Joanne, is one of the über runners in my Saturday morning group. She has big green eyes,  wears beautifully coordinated pink running togs, has a smile that lights up any room and has an enthusiasm that greets me on even the most greyest of mornings. I hadn't seen her for a while, and last Saturday had a quick catch-up in the parking lot, as she was finishing her, "just 20 km run, " and I was just starting my 9 km walk. You would never know she just finished 20 km - as perky as ever. I asked what she was training for, and she wasn't sure. Really, you are running that distance, just for fun?

Joanne and I once took a yoga for runners session together, and that was probably the only thing I could keep up with her on, as it will never be her running. She likes to run marathons for fun & she's fast. She sees the whole process as her therapy. And you know, I get that. I don't want to really do another marathon, but, I get it.

Joanne said she needs to make a goal, otherwise why run — which, got me thinking. While I am happy to be walking these days, I thought, that yes, I need to set a goal too. Then, along with the many running emails that were fired at me from various running sources this week, I read about a 10 km race in Sunnybrook Park in August. Hmm. It is a pretty venue, they have a chocolate station at the end, the course is flat and they welcome walkers. Tick, tick, tick and another tick. I think I'm in. Now I realize it is only 10 km, but, I have been rather leisurely in my walks of late, and will need to ramp up my speed, in order not to be the very last one over the finish line.

I think I must have felt medal deprived in my youth. For a while there,  I was on a mission to earn whatever medals I could, by finishing a variety of different races, from a full marathon, to 9 half marathons, and several 10 km races. I am happy to say that I am now past my medal deprivation issue. Today, I just want to do a race, that will give me a certain satisfaction, of a job well done.

So thank you Joanne, for getting me moving, moving faster and more often, as the training has now begun.

My last 1/2 marathon in New York City.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Is it hot enough for you?

The weather. We Canadians cavetch about how hot it is in the summer, how cold it is in the winter, how grey it is in the spring — are we ever happy with it? Or should I say, am I ever happy with it? I love a sunny day, regardless of the temperature, but, can I say, I hate the humidity.

This has been a particularly hot summer for Toronto, with high humidity to boot. Now, I love my hot days, and I love my sunny blue sky days, but, these  hot humid blue sky days, are for the birds, or perhaps, the cicadas, as I hear them singing outside my air conditioned den. I know, I know, I've complained in the dead of winter about longing for the summer and all its glory, but, I have to admit, the older I get, the more the humidity bothers me. I long for the dry prairie heat, but, don't want to move to the prairies. I like Toronto, and the lovely big body of water it sits on, which creates all this  humidity, so, I better just get more wick away clothing and chill out, for it's here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

Lemonade anyone?

Swimming at Ward's Island on Lake Ontario — trying to keep cool.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

I am proud to note my country's 145th birthday today.

Hey, not eh, this is the home of Duct tape and Trivial Pursuit,
the Wonder bra and the Telephone,
Superman and the Stanley cup,
the Snowmobile & the Jet Ski,
Pablum and Smarties,
Butter tarts and the Imax film,
Five pin bowling and vehicles with air conditioning, just to name a few.

Happy Birthday Canada.
My name is Kathi, and I am Canadian.