Monday, July 30, 2012

Out with the old, and in with the new...

The relationship lasted a year and half. Quite long by most standards. It was one of comfort and stability. We saw many miles together, through all weather and all temperatures. I new there was an expiration date on this relationship, and I had pushed it, much longer than I should, due to sheer laziness on my part. No longer was I getting the support I needed, nor the comfort for that matter. We had been through so much together...

The time had now come, for me to say goodbye to my Mizuno Wave Alchemy's, and embrace my lovely New Balance 860v2's. Yes, my new running shoes are actually kind of girly, with pink striping and outline on the lettering. My old shoes were men's, and well, looked it. The downside of having large feet is they only supply one size eleven, per style, so I often slip over to the men's running shoes. Really, what's in a shoe, after all I was looking for comfort, but I felt so girly putting on these  new found beauties.

Tonight I went for a  power walk. The crickets were chirping, the cicadas were singing, and the sun was just lowering enough, to take away the intense heat of the day. It was a lovely 28˚C and I was gliding in my new shoes. It is early days, and I don't know if this affair is going to stick. I'll have to do another couple of walks before I know for sure, that these are the ones, and I don't have to trade them in for my second choice, the Saucony's.

My well worn Mizunos and my new beauties.

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