Friday, August 3, 2012

The patio

patio |ˈpatēˌō|
noun ( pl. -os)
a paved outdoor area adjoining a house.
• a roofless inner courtyard in a Spanish or Spanish-American house.
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from Spanish, denoting an inner courtyard.

But it is so much more than that. With outdoor activities being very limited on a patio in Toronto, simply because of our four seasons, I want to embrace them when I can. A patio can also be a deck, a terrace or a flagstone pad.

Last weekend I enjoyed the company of my Mom and friend Margaret on the deck/patio in High Park for lunch. We sat in the shade of a large Maple tree, as the gentle breeze kept us comfortable. The patio is the perfect setting for get togethers this time of the year.

High Park deck

Last night I had Pimm's and Risotto on a patio on College street with partner in crafting, Nancy. Nancy and I start planning our patio meetings in March. It generally takes us a few tries at getting the patio destination & dates sorted, as well as a few patio meetings before we actually get down to planning our fall craft shows.  Honestly, we've had little rain in Toronto this year, and each time we planned to get together, there has been a threat of it. Luckily, it has never materialized.

College street patio.

With the Civic long weekend here, marking the middle of summer, I toast the patio and all it represents. This weekend, I will go out and sit in my Muskoka chair on my lovely polka deck,  raise a glass with friends,  read the papers and savor this wonderful ambiance.

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