Monday, March 14, 2011


My word of the week from Andrew.

I have been very lucky in some ways, and not in others, like most people I guess. But what really is luck? To be fortunate. But how? Financially, intellectually, in relationships, with having good health, being in the right place at the right time? So much of being lucky is based on timing, and timing is based on having all the stars aligned just so. If I go left I see a red door, if I go right I see a blue door. But what is behind each door? One door may be lucky and one may just be a blue door.

I have surely been fortunate in many areas of my life. I was lucky enough to be born to two loving parents, grew up in a relatively stable family (I mean all families have issues), lucky enough to be raised in a country which allows me many freedoms, and therefore allows my chances of luck be greater.

A lot of luck is what you make it. Now I know that sounds cliché, but you have to have your eyes open to certain things to be open to luck. Sure I could win the lotto on the one time I actually remember to buy a ticket, and yes, that would surely be lucky, but, it was my initial act to allow that luck to happen too.

I feel lucky for having choices. That is probably the biggest luck I have.

Having said that, I don't poo poo any culture's symbol for good luck either. Bring on the shamrocks I say. I have my cherished red knot I received from Mr. Lie, the "cricket master" in a Hutong in Beijing happily hanging on the inside of my front door. I also hang a horseshoe over my front door and my Tien Lieu, I purchased on the path of the Sacred Ming Tombs, sits over my doorway into the kitchen.

A much more formal version of the Tien Lieu.
My modest one was however purchased in a very sacred spot,
therefore having more "luck". Time will tell.
But, between you and me, I'm feeling kinda lucky about now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


My take home assignment word for this week from Andrew.

When I was seven, thirty seemed ancient. Gosh, sixty five was positively prehistoric. Now...

Things have changed the older I get. Isn't fifty the new forty? I'm holding on to the last of my forties with great care. I'm re-evaluating, I'm searching, I'm basically on a quest, to see how I want to spend the rest of my years, before I turn, "ancient". Is this called a mid-life crisis, though I don't feel I'm quite in crisis mode, and that would also mean that I would make it to 100. Not unheard of in my family. My paternal grandfather was 101 when he passed on to the larger polka party with accordion in hand. Sadly my Dad was only 63 when he moved on. Perhaps longevity skips a generation?

Next week I will try to become a Buddhist in spirit for a few weeks, and try to let their wisdom, calmness and insight sink in a bit. I will be teaching young Buddhist Monks English in a Monastery in the hills of Kathmandu. Now talk about Ancient. The history is so rich and "ancient" there. I'm looking forward to being surrounded by all that history, not to mention a completely different culture than I'm used to. Now growing up in Toronto, I have been exposed to a vast array of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. But there is nothing like living, eating  and working in a different environment, & getting out of your comfort zone, to let you know just where you stand on things. 

The ancient world of Kathmandu, I'm sure, will allow me to open my eyes to new avenues to wander down in my future. Photos to come.

In the meantime, I had the pleasure of climbing
the "ancient" Great Wall of China in 2009.
What a thrill!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So many beads...

A sterling bracelet I made using lovely Flirt/Unicorn beads.

This weekend is the Toronto Bead Oasis show in Toronto.

Normally I am a big supporter of this show and the many instructors that are at it. However, because of my quickly approaching trip to Nepal, I am trying to show some  prudence, as far as bead shopping is concerned. I have very little will power where beads are concerned. Just better not to be around them.

I suspect I will have more than my fill of gorgeous beads to pick from in a week or so.

Until then, I am recommending if you have a passing fancy in beads, love beads, or want to know more about beads and all they entail, hit the Toronto Bead Oasis sow, and check out my fellow Toronto Bead Society members. My friends, Laurie-Anne & Beth, who I went to Tucson with, will be selling their gorgeous Unicorn Beads and Flirt pieces.

Wire crochet bracelet I made with Flirt/Unicorn beads.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yes, pigs can fly.

Well, at least on top of my garage anyway. 
Mr. Pig was proudly facing north this morning, telling me, the winds of winter, are still with us, not to mention a fresh snowfall.
Having said that, Mr. Pig does make me smile.

Friday, March 4, 2011


"Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond." Lyrics by Pink Floyd.

Shine, my word of the week from Andrew

I couldn't help but think of those Pink Floyd lyrics that were the anthem of my youth, when Andrew emailed my word. All week I kept hearing those lyrics singing in my head, when I thought of the word "shine". Why did they keep coming back to me? I like Pink Floyd, but I am not a loyal die hard fan. I remember how someone in my high school year book had put those lines beside her name. Don't ask me how I remember that, as I haven't looked at a yearbook in years, and the one I'm referring to, dates back to 1979. But something stood out about those lines.

Perhaps I like the lyrical feeling they have? The ups and downs and the way it rolls off my tongue. Perhaps I like that it reminds me of a simpler time? Perhaps I like what it implies?

Not a diamond, but beautiful rock crystal.