Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So many beads...

A sterling bracelet I made using lovely Flirt/Unicorn beads.

This weekend is the Toronto Bead Oasis show in Toronto.

Normally I am a big supporter of this show and the many instructors that are at it. However, because of my quickly approaching trip to Nepal, I am trying to show some  prudence, as far as bead shopping is concerned. I have very little will power where beads are concerned. Just better not to be around them.

I suspect I will have more than my fill of gorgeous beads to pick from in a week or so.

Until then, I am recommending if you have a passing fancy in beads, love beads, or want to know more about beads and all they entail, hit the Toronto Bead Oasis sow, and check out my fellow Toronto Bead Society members. My friends, Laurie-Anne & Beth, who I went to Tucson with, will be selling their gorgeous Unicorn Beads and Flirt pieces.

Wire crochet bracelet I made with Flirt/Unicorn beads.


  1. Damn fine! Can I put it on display at the CBO?

  2. Kathi,

    These are both gorgeous. I know you will also bring back wonderful treasures from Nepal. Work is just too time consuming! Why can't we create all day long???


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