Saturday, March 12, 2011


My take home assignment word for this week from Andrew.

When I was seven, thirty seemed ancient. Gosh, sixty five was positively prehistoric. Now...

Things have changed the older I get. Isn't fifty the new forty? I'm holding on to the last of my forties with great care. I'm re-evaluating, I'm searching, I'm basically on a quest, to see how I want to spend the rest of my years, before I turn, "ancient". Is this called a mid-life crisis, though I don't feel I'm quite in crisis mode, and that would also mean that I would make it to 100. Not unheard of in my family. My paternal grandfather was 101 when he passed on to the larger polka party with accordion in hand. Sadly my Dad was only 63 when he moved on. Perhaps longevity skips a generation?

Next week I will try to become a Buddhist in spirit for a few weeks, and try to let their wisdom, calmness and insight sink in a bit. I will be teaching young Buddhist Monks English in a Monastery in the hills of Kathmandu. Now talk about Ancient. The history is so rich and "ancient" there. I'm looking forward to being surrounded by all that history, not to mention a completely different culture than I'm used to. Now growing up in Toronto, I have been exposed to a vast array of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. But there is nothing like living, eating  and working in a different environment, & getting out of your comfort zone, to let you know just where you stand on things. 

The ancient world of Kathmandu, I'm sure, will allow me to open my eyes to new avenues to wander down in my future. Photos to come.

In the meantime, I had the pleasure of climbing
the "ancient" Great Wall of China in 2009.
What a thrill!


  1. You have used anient in such a diverse context, from ancient people to ancient cultures, which makes it all so very interesting.

  2. Oooops, made a typo. Of course it should read "You have used ancient"

  3. I love what you wrote!

  4. Why thank you both for your kind words.
    I always wonder what people think, and glad you shared it with me.


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