Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've circled the calender

Thank you Joanne.

Joanne, is one of the über runners in my Saturday morning group. She has big green eyes,  wears beautifully coordinated pink running togs, has a smile that lights up any room and has an enthusiasm that greets me on even the most greyest of mornings. I hadn't seen her for a while, and last Saturday had a quick catch-up in the parking lot, as she was finishing her, "just 20 km run, " and I was just starting my 9 km walk. You would never know she just finished 20 km - as perky as ever. I asked what she was training for, and she wasn't sure. Really, you are running that distance, just for fun?

Joanne and I once took a yoga for runners session together, and that was probably the only thing I could keep up with her on, as it will never be her running. She likes to run marathons for fun & she's fast. She sees the whole process as her therapy. And you know, I get that. I don't want to really do another marathon, but, I get it.

Joanne said she needs to make a goal, otherwise why run — which, got me thinking. While I am happy to be walking these days, I thought, that yes, I need to set a goal too. Then, along with the many running emails that were fired at me from various running sources this week, I read about a 10 km race in Sunnybrook Park in August. Hmm. It is a pretty venue, they have a chocolate station at the end, the course is flat and they welcome walkers. Tick, tick, tick and another tick. I think I'm in. Now I realize it is only 10 km, but, I have been rather leisurely in my walks of late, and will need to ramp up my speed, in order not to be the very last one over the finish line.

I think I must have felt medal deprived in my youth. For a while there,  I was on a mission to earn whatever medals I could, by finishing a variety of different races, from a full marathon, to 9 half marathons, and several 10 km races. I am happy to say that I am now past my medal deprivation issue. Today, I just want to do a race, that will give me a certain satisfaction, of a job well done.

So thank you Joanne, for getting me moving, moving faster and more often, as the training has now begun.

My last 1/2 marathon in New York City.

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