Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Twilight Tea

Last night was one of those balmy summer nights, you dream of in the dead of winter. It was 25˚ at 9:00 pm, the warm breeze was blowing, there was a lovely crescent moon and you wanted to stay outside as long as possible. I was at a "tea & talk" at the Old Mill, with friends Vicki and Katherine, learning the benefits of drinking tea, while scarfing back scones and clotted cream, hoping the benefits outnumbered the negatives of the clotted cream.

Now Vicki has been taking a tea sommelier course, and I'm sure had heard much of this before. I was simply enjoying the ambiance and taking in all this new found knowledge. I was told that there are four main teas, black, oolong, green and white, which, I did already know. I learned about the beneficial synergy about combining green teas from both Japan and China. I also found out that those on blood thinners should not be drinking green tea, as it thins the blood further.

Katherine, me & Vicki al fresco at the Old Mill for tea.

Katherine was running late coming from work, and arrived for the finale of the talk, but managed to enjoy her full English tea. The three of us have enjoyed teas together over the past year or so to celebrate one another's birthdays. We try a new location each time, and last night determined that the scones at the Old Mill were definitely the yummiest so far. But what I confimred, was that I so love to enjoy an evening out of doors, with good friends doing something that brings a smile to all of us.

I'll have to etch this night into my memory bank, and pull it out in January, when I hear the wind howling outside and the freezing rain hitting my window. Another cup of Massala Chai please.

The aftermath.

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