Monday, June 27, 2011


Still catching up on Andrew's word of the week assignments. With any luck I will be back on track by next week.

• at this time of my life I think of foundation garments. No?
   Ok, I'll get more serious.
• the base that holds my house up straight? 
• the underpinnings of plantings in my garden?
• the wire in a piece of jewellery I'm creating?
• the core of who I am? Now that ones just seems so big - but - that would be my Mom and Dad of course, but also, my brother, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends that have come and gone through the years, who have ultimately shaped who I have become.

 This necklace is strung with heavy gauge wire. A strong foundation if you will.The pearls are quite light and the stones are quite heavy but the combination successfully hangs together to make it harmonious. Just as the foundation supports all pieces equally, so too is this an example of an overall cohesion of size, texture and colour making it a striking piece of jewellery.

The one thing I have learned is that a strong foundation makes for a strong individual. I may not have the biggest family, or the closest family but what I have, has given me great overall cohesion. My ying and yang have a strong foundation.


  1. The necklace is gorgeous - I love how it moves back and forth between larger and smaller beads.

  2. Thanks Charlene. I made if for my Mom a few years ago.


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