Thursday, June 16, 2011


Where was Andrew finding these words? Glitter. It so didn't inspire me. I think because I am so not a glitter person, that I did not feel bonded or remotely interested in this word. I have dabbled in it, and have the odd yearning to wear something with a sequin or two, only to learn that in the long run, it is not me. It is merely a fleeting lust for the sparkle. I think of sequins, and loud clothing & a certain generation of women in Miami when I think of glitter. Glitter rock of the 70's? The big glittery disco ball hanging above the dance floor? I lived through the 80's glitter era, and don't have fond memories of the fashion. Big hair. Big shoulder pads. Sparkly things where they shouldn't be - not that I think they really should be in most places anyway. I remember walking down Yonge Street in Toronto when I was in university, and looking in the window at Master John's shoes, with the ginormous platform glitter rock boots à la Kiss and Elton John. I guess Liberace was the first Glitter star, and that was long before Gary Glitter. I remember an episode of "Here's Lucy" when Liberace wore a jacket that lit up in the dark. Now, his jackets did have a style all their own. So, glitter, despite the mixed connotations for me, did make me think, and commit, that I am not a glitter gal.

Alas, I did don these glittery ears, once,  for a photo op.

Said photo op.

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  1. Sometimes the strongest reactions are the ones of dislike.


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