Friday, June 17, 2011


Still working on my backlog of words from Andrew. Glow being the next in line. The glow of a fire — a traditional log fireplace, a gas fireplace, a campfire, a candle, perhaps a fireplace full of candles. I do enjoy all of these glows.

Now the glow from genuine neon lights always gets me glowing. I've always loved the iconic Sam the Record Man neon sign that hung on the facade of their flagship store on Yonge Street in Toronto. I can recall flying home from somewhere at night, and the flight would circle the city, and you could easily pick out Sam the Record Man downtown. Sadly, those lights are no more. It was the end of an era in many respects when the changing times closed Sam's, and they turned off their lights.

Love the glow of the lights of Times Square & Broadway, in the west end in London and any small town that happens to still have them fired up on restaurant or drugstore.

The glow of New York City.

The glow of good design. The Italians know how to do it.

My personal glow, when out of two busloads,
I was the only one who managed to find the man selling medals,
for managing to climb to the top of the Great Wall of China.
My friend Barb couldn't believe I found a medal man.
I was medal deprived as a child, and have since made up for it.

The glow of fun lighting.

A classic glow.

The glow from a Tucson staple.

The glow of Shanghai.

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