Thursday, June 23, 2011


My word of the week from Andrew is - bring. At first I thought of what I like to bring when I go to someone's for dinner — flowers, wine or a dessert — or what I like to receive when someone comes to my house for dinner — flowers, wine or dessert. And then, I thought, what do I like or always bring with me, whenever I travel, even if it's for the day - my camera.

I have my Dad to thank for the love of the camera. I got my first Kodak Instamatic when I was nine. I then graduated to the hip pocket camera with the size 110 film, for the sleek Kodak moments. By twelve  I was ready for a full on 35mm camera, with all the lenses. I loved to shoot. I was the one at the party that always had the camera. As cumbersome as it was in those days, particularly with all the lenses, I took it with me on camping trips, weekend trips, backpacking trip through Europe, to my graduation at U of T, to friends weddings, christenings, anniveraries, parties, corn roasts and just a walk in the High Park. My camera and I were one. I shifted from Konica, which my Dad loved, to Nikon, which I loved. I bought film in bulk, and took up precious space in our kitchen's freezer, to always have it fresh and on hand.

I once considered pursuing photography as a profession, but decided to keep it merely as a hobby I enjoyed. I didn't want it to become work. I knew I was always a visual person, so  bringing my camera, seemed quite natural. From age ten to thirty five, I shot photos like there was no tomorrow. Then, I put my camera down for a few years, and it all changed. Digital.

I must confess, it took me a long time to feel comfortable with a digital camera. Even now I only have a basic point and shoot Sony cybershot, which, has done me well. I know what my next camera is to be, but love the convenience of this little modern digital pocket camera. It fits in my pocket, my purse & even dangled from my zip line belt as I cruised the rain forest canopy of St. Lucia. What's not to love about its convenience?

I know it is just a matter of time before I graduate again, to a larger digital camera, as I have been frustrated with the lack of control & zoom that I have with my current camera. I always had my camera on manual, in the old days, now I just hit the shoot button, and occasionally adjust whether I want the flash on or not, and maybe use the baby zoom.

From the trivial, I have a photo of the pie plate that cracked while I was baking my Canada day strawberry pie, to the important, photos of my godson catching frogs when he was a couple years old, the visual history has always been important to me, so I record it all. And what I have discovered is that what seemed trivial, sometimes becomes very important. Bringing my camera along, has allowed me to discover that.

Wow, I really went on a tangent about bring, but to me, bringing my camera along, is a must.
Thanks Dad.
My cracked pyrex plate. Very sad.

CNE Air Show & me getting a burnt nose.

My friend Vicki making a snow angel - how classic is that!

Jolijn and I cycling the hills above Florence - a fun memory.

HBC Christmas Windows - a tradition.

Lunch with Margaret and my Mom at Ward's Island -  annual summer treat.

Now this seemingly trivial photo, for me, reminds me
of all the wonderful times I've shared
when I've been with my Aunt & Uncle in their kitchen.
We all love good food, & in this photo, wondered
how we were going to save this poor burnt beer can chicken.

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  1. I too bring my camera with me everywhere I go. I have always done so. The funny thing about digital cameras is that I've never actually bought one for myself. I've always received them as presents, since my love of photography is so evident. I still have my Cybershot and love its small size. Right now, my Big Boy is the Canon Rebel Ti2! It takes amazing pictures without even having to try. I am glad though that I learned to take pictures on a regular film camera, because it made me conscious about "making the shot" instead of just taking thousands of random shots hoping that one will be good. In the "old days" buying and developing film was pricey or smelly and still pricey. So, I still set up the shots carefully and use my view finder and try to get the right angles.

    I'm so glad that we share this in common and that you brought this to our attention. Thank you for bringing your thoughts, words and images every week to the Weekly Word!


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