Sunday, May 15, 2011


Curious as my cat Lily.
We are indeed good housemates.

as a Kat? Andrew's word of investigation for this week - curious. When I first learned of Andrew and Kate's blogging workshop in Tucson in January, I was so not interested in blogging. I liked all the other events they would be doing - antiquing, exploring the international gem show, going to the desert, so, I signed up for the blogging workshop, without a laptop of my own, fully intending not to blog. I even proudly stated at our first meeting, sitting around Kate's lovely family sized dining table, that I was just an observer, not a full-on participant in the blogging seminar. Kate seemed ok with that, but suggested I still keep a journal, which seemed fine to me, create a blog and to post photos, since I was interested in photography. Now that seemed like a commitment to blogging, but, I was curious. I listened to everyone's keen excitement about blogging and I thoroughly enjoyed all of our daily activities in Tucson. It was a sharing of ideas. Day one I fumbled with my friend Beth's borrowed PC, I'm a Mac, and finally managed to load & edit my first day of photos. Not necessarily cropped the way I wanted, nor in the order I intended and without any captions or text - but a blog posting none the less. Hmm, maybe there is something in this blogging business. The next day, I loaded more photos, and words, not sentences, but more a free flow of my daily thoughts. I wasn't ready for sentences yet. As the workshop went on, and I felt more comfortable with my borrowed PC, I think my curiosity got the better of me, and I found I enjoyed blogging. I enjoyed Andrew's challenges of thinking outside the box - that is why I still enjoy Andrew's words of the week - to see where they take me -I never know till I strike the keyboard.  The challenge peaks my curiosity if you will. I've always been a curious individual, and with a little prompting, my curiosity got the better of me with the workshop and brought out my innate curious nature. So yes, I am as curious as a cat — you just never know where it may lead.


  1. Curious Kathi; Your blog is so true. Curiosity has always been a part of your nature, and to have an affinity with cats, which you have always had, is so appropriate. As well as your nickname, Kat, which goes right along with the quality of curiosity.

  2. You know what they say... curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.

    I think that there's something to trying new things. I had never really thought I'd be interested in jewelry, but it turns out that I'm quite entrenched in the jewelry world now and loving it.

    I do hope that you continue blogging and sharing a slice of your world and that your curiosity persists!

  3. I am curious to see more blog posts!

    I wish we could all meet up for breakfast again. I had a dream that we were all back in Tucson , sitting around Kate's big table talking and eating cake for breakfast.

  4. Ok, I'm back in the saddle again Andrew. The blogs will be coming,as I've broken through that big block.

    Your breakfast cakes were to die for. Yum! Miss them and the camaraderie we had in Tucson.


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