Saturday, May 7, 2011


Andrew's word of discovery for this week stumped me at first. Feathered? To be feathered,  and to be decorated with great plumes? To be a showpiece? A star? A unique something? And then it hit me. I saw this most amazing & at the same time, freakish, Albino, peacock in Hangzhou, China. I mean, peacocks are show stoppers with all their great multi coloured plumes, but, this Albino peacock was a stunner. The shear magic of white on white on white, with all that texture and showmanship, made this peacock a knock out to me — a step above your run of of the mill peacock. So Andrew, feathered, reminded me of my lovely white peacock.

Is this peacock not a thing of beauty?

The magnificence of it all.


  1. A beautiful bird? Quite an understatement, as it surely is one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen, even if its a photo. I would love to have seen the real bird.

  2. Absolutely stunning! One of these days when I have time enough to paint again, this beauty will have to make an appearance. I saw the pictures last night and have been dreaming about them all night!

  3. This is truly one very special bird. Glad I could share it with you.

  4. That is one truly magnificent bird - it's like the ice princess of the bird world only one that warms your heart!!


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