Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holy Crow...

Lucy, my official greeter at Holy Crow.
Each year I make a pilgrimage to Holy Crow Beads, nestled in the heart of Beaver Valley just south of Georgian Bay. I am greeted by Lucy as I get out of my car. The setting is calming and lovely. Beverley Smith's beautiful home/studio always inspires me. Beverley is a textile artist who transitioned into beading, and she puts together colours like no one I know. There is a wall full of her finished projects to inspire those that come, and want to learn different techniques, or just to take in all the eye candy and the plethora of colourful beads. I love it there. I feel rejuvenated when I go there. Beverley's easy manner, and great knowledge of colour and techniques disarm you, and you don't even realize you are learning as much as you are, until you have gone. I always pick up some little gem of knowledge, usually said in a matter of fact manner by Beverley, which continues to help me with my work.
Jenna and Beverley of Holy Crow Beads.
I popped in one afternoon last week, only for a quick purchase. Huh. There is no such thing as a quick purchase there. My Mom came along for the drive and now brings a book along, knowing I will be a while looking and sorting and deciding on what I really need, or really want. Mid way through my shopping, Beverley makes a lovely pot of herbal tea served with local honey. What a civilized way to shop for beading supplies. My first encounter with the studio was on a girl's weekend several years ago, and I've been going back ever since.

Last week, I had taken time off from my "day job" and was therefore a time for me to produce pieces for the upcoming fall/winter shows I'm involved in. And last week was one of my most prolific weeks for producing pieces. I felt inspired and motivated and kept producing.
A week's worth of beading by yours truly.
It was my holiday, so allowed for R & R too.
If you ever want a lovely drive in the country, a little off the beaten track, ok, a lot off the beaten track, but well worth the visit, stop by Holy Crow Beads. You won't be disappointed.

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