Monday, August 22, 2011

Who'd have thought...

On Saturday I went to my local farmer's market, I pleasure I truly enjoy. I bought all my fresh fruits and veggies and plopped them at a picnic table along with my Mom. I went back for our reward, yummy Organic caffe Americanos. I got to chatting with the guy next to me in line, talking about the different coffee names, and then was on my way. When I returned to our picnic table, two ladies had joined us, and my Mom was chatting away to them.

Well, one woman and I started chatting while she waited for her husband to arrive. She thought he was side tracked because he tends to like to chat a lot. His nickname was "Jabber". Well, my eyes widened, as that was one of my nicknames in high school, partly because of my last name, and partly because, well, I liked to talk. I told this story to my picnic table companion, and said my last name is Jablonski. Her response, "Mine too." "No way." " Way." 

What are the odds of two Jablonski's, unrelated, sitting beside each other at our local farmer's market? Her friend said, that her husband was just coming up. I saw the man she pointed to, only to notice that he was the "Jabber" I was jabbering with, while waiting for our coffees. Too funny. Just shows, that in a multicultural place like Toronto, a Jablonski is as common as a Smith or a Jones.

Who knew?

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