Monday, August 15, 2011


Ah, the word of the week assignment from Andrew - voluminous.

All my life I have dreamed of having voluminous hair. I grew up with those Breck Girl ads of the 1960's & 1970's where those brunettes had lots of big brown hair. I have tried perms & highlights, curlers and hot rollers. Alas, I have my Dad's fine skinny brown hair - never to be seen as voluminous. I tried so hard in the 80's having long hair, and perming it, trying to create the illusion of lots and lots of mane-like hair. Sadly, it was an illusion in my mind only - I've seen the pictures.

We never have what we want out of our hair. Those with curly hair want straight. Those with straight, want curly or voluminous in my case. At least I don't have frizzy hair, or dry hair or over processed split ends. My hair is very shiny and healthy looking, with no grey hairs at my age, another gene I owe my Dad for. My stylist insists there are a lot of skinny hairs though. Yeah right.

So, my lot in terms of my hair life, is fine, brown (well now caramel and honey toned highlights thanks to my colourist, I told you, I'm trying anything to give it body) straight hair. Could be worse...

My Mom has voluminous red hair.
I have the skinny brown with voluminous hair envy.


  1. I laughed and laughed, as I never think of myself as having voluminous hair, more frizz and waves that have to be controlled than anything.

  2. Perhaps tamed into submission voluminous. But, it is voluminous. I can add products to my hair that assure me will volumize my hair, blow it out, and within 5 minutes, have skinny hair.


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