Monday, September 5, 2011


Andrew has stumped me again on this word of the week challenge. Challenge being the operative word. 

Redeem  — usually makes me think of religious connotations, those of atonement. The great redeemer and all that.

Having said that, I see last week, as my week of redemption for all the time I have not done any jewellery making during the summer. I found time for yard work, painting around the house, my long Saturday morning walks, going to the farmer's market, slothing and the likes, but not for producing any new pieces of jewellery. Well, last week I was on holidays from my day job, & I made up for that. I was motivated and produced interesting new pieces. I've continued to make pieces today, Labour Day, and continue to be inspired.  I redeemed myself to myself.

A sampling of what I produced last week.
I haven't photographed today's work yet.

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