Sunday, September 18, 2011


Andrew's word of the week at first had me think, what is modern? It is a relative term. Modern early twentieth century and the Arts & Crafts Movement in design? The modern mid twentieth century chrome and big fins on the cars of the 1950's? The modern space age design of the 1970's when reaching the moon was no longer a dream?

When I was a kid growing up in the 1960's, my brother thought is would be neat, if one day we could all have our own personal phones and see each other on them. Hey, it's happened. Who knew?

In this fast pace age, with modern technology changing almost as fast as you can blink, I choose to savor some fine old traditions.

I'm not knocking modern technology, but occasionally, and particularly at this time of the year, I hanker back for a kinder gentler time. A time when home made pies, really were, home made, and not picked up frozen and merely baked at home. A time when bakers got up at the crack of dawn to make their bread, from scratch.

My Mom, Babcia and Aunt Helen have all instilled the appreciation of home baking and preserving in me. I love baking pies with strawberries I've gone and picked. I stock pile them unbaked in my freezer, and pull them out mid-winter and am reminded of summer when I smell that sweet fruit baking.

Today my Mom preserved Ontario Bartlet pears in my kitchen. Last week it was Red Haven peaches. In this era, when simpler things are often overlooked, I took my Mom's photos on my digital camera to preserve the moment for posterity, downloaded them into my Mac and am now writing my blog. How modern!

Red Haven peaches.

My Mom & the fruits of her long day.

The pears being processed.

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