Friday, September 30, 2011


My word of the week.

I'm a week away from traveling to Venice, Italy, to spend a milestone birthday with my Mom and dear friends Ian and Sue. I've never been to Venice, so there is always excitement about going somewhere new. For the past few years I've started going away to note my birthday. My birthday was always married to Thanksgiving celebrations growing up, and since I'm not a fan of turkey, but do love pasta and pizza, Italy is a great place to celebrate. Two years ago I walked the Brooklyn Bridge for my birthday, & last year, again with my Mom, Ian and Sue, we wandered the streets of London together. 

I'm looking forward to traveling the canals of Venice, having a morning cappucino in St. Mark's Square, exploring the alleyways and getting lost, taking a massive amount of photos, searching out real Murano glass beads and just savoring the Italian lifestyle.

As Dr. Frank-N-Furter said in The Rock Horror Picture Show, Antici pation ....

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  1. Fabulous Birthday idea Kathi. Safe Travels. Best Wishes. Love & Light. Namaste. Will be thinking of you.

  2. Thanks Brenda. Great to see you are a blogger now too.


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