Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter funk...

- What causes it? - Months of short grey days that seem endless -  More importantly, how can I shake it? - Not an easy task - Frequent favorite places - Fresh cut flowers in my house - Be around positive people - Enjoy every moment I have with the sun when it graces me with its presence - Go for a walk, even in the snow - Change my mindset, by then spring should be here - A work in progress...

In front of the beautiful Art Deco Sunnyside bathing pavilion. How long till summer?
Note the snow flying.

Lovely Saturday morning on the shores of Lake Ontario with the inner harbour frozen.
 One of my favorite places to be: High Park in Toronto. Here I am walking beside a frozen Grenadier Pond.

Old Man winter looks tired too.


  1. Kathi! Your photo of the lake shore is mindbendingly good. I was hoping that you had uploaded a twelve incher so I could steal it for our Class Photos folder! Will you email it to me?

    Because it is AMAZING!

    I'm sorry you are cold and grey. See, just by posting a blog entry, I saw it, and I am sending some of our warm winter sunshine your way. Today it is supposed to be even hot here, 81! Plan on coming out to Tucson for longer next winter. Like.... four months!


  2. Thanks Kate.

    I will post a CD to you, with a few of my favorite pics for the pdf, plus the Lake Shore photo, at a larger image size.

    I'm catching your sunny vibes.

  3. These are gorgeous photos but I'm ready for spring too. At least the days are longer. Let's think sunshine and daffodils and of course - beads.

  4. Yes Charlene, the days are indeed getting longer. It was a beautiful bright day today, albeit with a 9˚F brisk wind blowing through. My lovely Navajo earrings were so cold when the wind knocked them against my neck. Brrr.

  5. Our winters may be warmer here in the Northwest, but you still get tons more sunshine than we do. Around here, if the sun breaks through the clouds for 5 minutes, we count that as a sunny day!


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