Thursday, February 10, 2011

The reality...

- Member of the Toronto Bead Society - Enamored by beads of all shapes colours & backgrounds (I really don't discriminate) - Would be happy fossicking the world in search of them - Fossicking (new word I learnt in Tucson) - Set income so therefore set fossicking allowed - Love my new word, fossicking (can you tell?) - Enjoyed spending time with like minded bead enthusiasts - Those said bead enthusiasts (TBS members) are really generous with their time to support causes that matter, through beading - All in all, a pretty uncomplicated yet satisfying hobby - So many beads, so little time

Me & Laurie-Anne at Toronto Bead Society Meeting last night with a sampling of her & her partner Beth's beads for sale. Notice my wonderful "fat ass" necklaces plus my gorgeous Navajo ring I brought back from Tucson.


  1. Gorgeous, ladies we need a reunion!

  2. Excellent! Asheville, NC, October 19-22! Reunion!

  3. Fossicking; what an interesting word. Never had heard or seen the word before. Wishing you many happy days of fossicking.


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