Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Six in Tucson - Homeward Bound

- Ever have one of those days when it starts bad and just goes downhill? - Overslept - Cab arrived 15 minutes early to take me to the airport - Left my beautiful new turquoise ring in bunkie (noticed en route to airport) - Dallas airport closed?! - Scheduled through Dallas as I thought that was a safe haven from snow, wrong - Re-scheduled for a day later departure or alternatively run from the American Airlines' to the United check-in in 6 minutes to make a flight to Denver - Put my jeansmarines training to work running with a suitcase in tow - -11˚F in Denver - Mechanical plane problems - Gate shifted - Flight delayed - Gate says Calgary, but actually Toronto? - Sitting with spring jacket zipped up in airport with cold air spilling in from the gates boarding and disembarking - Never got a chance to apply lipstick all day - Flew through the eye of the storm over Chicago with great turbulence - Longest line I've ever seen at customs in Toronto (30 minutes) - Baggage carousel had actually stopped because it took me so long to get through customs - To blog or to sleep? - Bisbee-made lemon square enjoyed in jammies before bed - Lights out

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