Friday, February 4, 2011

Why are short work weeks so long?

- Two days feel like 5 days - Why is that?  - Travel can be exhausting (all that sitting and waiting and anticipating I guess) - Pining away for all those beads I saw in Tucson - That's why there is always next year - Thinking of projects to make with what I have purchased in Tucson (some funky "pringles" shaped silver) - Happy with my Sleeping Beauty turquoise purchase - Banks really do watch your transactions for irregularities - Hold put on my debit card due to withdrawals in Tucson - Confirmed those were indeed my debits and hold lifted from debit card, all while standing at check-out at Old Navy - Arizona is biggest credit card fraud state - Researching next trip - First round of Japanese Encephalitis shots done - Typhoid shot done (sore shoulder to prove it) - Malaria & dukoral prescription picked up - Looking forward to whoever shows up in High Park tomorrow morning for our 10 km walk - Curling up with "the girls" this weekend (my Mom was a great babysitter for Lily & Gretel) - Beautiful bouquet (thanks Mom) and the girls make me smile in the living room


  1. It was my pleasure to take care of these two sweet munchkins. Gretel sitting in the dark bathroom waiting for her treats, always made me laugh and Lily jumping into my lap, and cosying down. A true lap cat. Both were sheer delights. Genia

  2. Those are the cutest cats, like beautiful sable colored yin and yang. Tell me again where you are going next. Was it China? Can't wait to see the blog for that.

  3. Hi Meryl, I am going to Nepal. I can't resist singing the Bob Seger song, "I'm going to Kathmandu!" Blogs will indeed be posted, perhaps a little after the fact, but will be done.


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