Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who knew..

That when I rubbed this Buddha's belly for good luck on my first evening in Shanghai in 2009, that I would be going to the land of Buddha, Nepal, to teach Monks English, 2 years later to the day, in 2011.

And that my partner in volunteerism is someone I met on that fateful trip to China.

Life unfolds in mysterious ways...

- Preplanning - Inoculations in check (typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, Twinrix, Tetanus/ Diphtheria/Polio booster) - Prescriptions still need to be filled (malaria, dukoral & cipro) - Study aids purchased (dictionaries & word find books) - New camera? - Consulted friends and friends of friends who have been - Rupees or US dollars? - Mosquito netting? - Living a Monk's life by day - Lots of rice - 5,500 feet above sea level - One request made for medium sized Monk's robes (was it the Scotch talking?)  - Himalayan backdrop - "I think I'm going to Kathmandu", sang Bob Seger  & me - Anticipation...

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