Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's hockey night in Canada!

Go Leaf's Go!

What can I say my true patriotism comes out when I go to watch a Leaf's game live. While the NHL was on strike, I didn't care one way or another what happened, though I did feel bad for the small businesses that suffered from the lack of customers due to their lack of play. I just got home from a Leaf's vs Bruins game. These teams were part of the original six, before any kind of expansion was even thought of. How exciting is that? These teams have history, they have rivalry, they have passion. Truth be known, I think I lost my interest at the second expansion in the 1970's when so many teams came on board. But tonight's game was one of those classic meetings, you have to experience, at least once.

There is nothing like going to a game live. I wouldn't make the effort to watch it on TV, even though there is a Leaf's game on every Saturday night. I think the feeling I get when I'm in the stands, feeling the chill from the ice, the roar of the fans chanting, watching those Zamboni's clean the ice in zippy time — I get caught up in the excitement. It is Canada's game.

Now unfortunately we lost to Boston tonight 1-0, but we didn't deserve to win either. We played  a sloppy game, without any kind of focus. It was like watching a baseball game, in that they rarely getting exciting before the seventh inning stretch, and this game didn't come alive, really, till the third period. Suddenly it was as if the team woke up, noticed they were losing and thought, "hey, we better start playing as a team instead of just shooting the puck to no one". You could hear the audience get louder, chanting "go Leaf's go" faster and with more enthusiasm, until it was obvious that we were going to lose.

But for a few shining moments there, a few close calls, I felt extra Canadian, proud that hockey is our game, as I sat next to two Boston fans tonight. The Americans may have their football, and the Superbowl tomorrow, but hockey is our game.

My name is Kathi, and I am Canadian. Thanks for asking me to the game Belin.

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