Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a who's who event!

Tonight I was invited to attend the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gala, at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.

What a who's who of Canadian talent! The attendees, were a combination of those that had received the diamond Jubilee medal, the Order of Canada, Order of Ontario and any combination there of. There were a cross section of sports heroes, Paul Henderson, Elizabeth Manley, Ken Dryden and George Chuvalo, musicians, Liona Boyd, Bruce Cockburn and Tom Cochrane, politicians, James Bartleman and Jean Augustine, many people I reckognized, but couldn't think of their names, until I passed them.

It was exciting. I had my photo taken with a very cordial Dan Aykroyd, tried to talk to Tommy Hunter, who had a steadfast group around him, nabbed a photo with my boyfriend George Strombo, who swore we had met before, seriously, spoke to Ken Dryden about the perfect Christmas tree our family bought from his family's Christmas tree farm when I was a kid, and celebrated in all the good so many people of this fine province have done.

Peter Mansbridge hosted the event, and showed a clip of Paul Henderson's winning goal of the '72 Canada Russia series.  I mean, what Canadian born pre -1965, doesn't know where they were when that winning goal of '72 was scored — I was sitting in my grade 5 classroom on the floor watching it on a raised black and white set that was rolled in from the AV department.

Tonight was about acknowledging volunteerism, about making things better, about leaving things better than when you found it, no matter how big or how small, and celebrating in it. It is about making a difference, be it full time or part time. I must say, I was inspired.

My friend Vicki produced the event, and a fine job she did. Vicki too is a recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal.

Congratulations Queen's Diamond Jubilee recipients — job well done.

Me and my boyfriend George.


  1. Wow!!! You have always called him your boyfriend when he is on TV, but this is just too much. Glad you finally met him, and was he as nice as he is on TV? G.

  2. What an attractive couple! Bet this pic gets framed.


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