Thursday, February 7, 2013

WYSIWYG with George

Last night I had the pleasure of briefly meeting George Stroumboulopoulos at the Diamond Jubilee Gala, one of the well deserving recipients of the Diamond Jubilee medal.

In those few moments we spent having a photo op, I found George to be just as I experience him when I watch him each night —  patient, unassuming, playful, genuine, a listener, a nice guy — and how refreshing was that. Often when you finally meet someone, who you've watched for years, you find a completely different person, and wonder why you liked that person in the first place.

George is everyone's boyfriend, and I like that about him. He doesn't discriminate, he just wants to be everyone's bud.

Thank you George for making me smile, bring a twinkle to my eye and a spring in my step. Alas, if only for the evening...

WYSIWYG with George.

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