Thursday, January 24, 2013

Starry starry night

It's -12˚C, but feels like -19˚C with the windchill, and I feel warm after my 5 km walk this evening. Some may say I'm crazy walking in this weather, but truth be known, I really enjoy it. As long as you are dressed properly, it's wonderful. Ok my cheeks were initially cold when I first started out, and my chin was feeling pointy and cold, but they were warm before I did my first 1 km.

The moon is growing fuller and the stars are shining brightly tonight as I looked up on this cold and clear night. I saw more stars than I remember normally seeing in Toronto, with all of our light pollution. The snow is crunchy underneath my running shoes. I love that sound — you don't hear it very often in Toronto, especially in the last few years, with the warmer winters we've been having. I can hear shinny being played at the local outdoor rink, as the puck hits the boards. Sounds are traveling so easily tonight.

I saw a neighbor having a cigarette on his porch as I walked by and he just laughed when I said I was warm, but really I was. Even my phone was warm when I tried to take a picture of the moon, the steam kept rolling off of it and getting in the photo.

Steam coming off my camera
as I tried to capture the moon.

Starry starry night......

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  1. O.K., now it's "official" ... You ARE crazy woman! NO, you don't "go for a walk" in this weather, UNLESS ... You want your face to fall off from FROST BITE ~ Yikes! Glad you enjoyed yourself though. ~ B Mc D ~ :0)


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