Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crazy weather

 I know the calender says January 12, but it sure feels more like April 12 outside today.

Two weeks ago on my weekly constitutional along the lakefront with Barb, we were fighting biting winds and snow. On that day there were very few people along the Martin-Goodman trail — even the dog walkers stayed inside that day. The phrase, "mad dogs and Englishmen" came to mind that day, even though I realize that saying applies to hot sultry days, we even knew we were mad to be out that day.

What a difference two weeks can make. Today the parking lot at the Grenadier restaurant in High Park, our starting point, was jammed first thing, full of runners, walkers and dog walkers. Walking down to the lake front we saw runners in t-shirts, saw bare flesh we hadn't seen in months and the dogs and their owners were out in full force. The trail was clear of any sign of snow, except for the odd ice patch which hadn't been hit by the morning sun yet. It was crazy. Ducks and swans were cavorting, dogs were playful and I even saw one young mite smiling and lying in the sand, albeit in his jacket and pants, trying to be coaxed up by his Grandmother. I said, "he seems happy enough," and she just smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said, "happy" in her Polish accent.

But this weather is just not right, as much as I'm enjoying it, there are consequences to be had. This past week, orcas were trapped in the ice in Hudson's Bay, having veered way off course to their wintering grounds. Western Canada has had a constantly deluge of frigid temperatures. What does this all mean in the long run?

In the meantime, this weekend I've tucked away my Uggs and am happily sporting my driving mocs.

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