Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where were you on August 25, 1969?

I can tell you exactly where I was.

My souvenir scarf from August 25, 1969.

I was sitting in the front row of the stadium section, of the Grandstand at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, along with my brother Lee, my brother's friend Bobby, and my Mom, watching, The Monkees. Much to my brother's chagrin, he had no choice in the matter, and by shear default that we all went the the Ex together, we all went to the concert together.  My brother was too cool for the Monkees, not me, I WAS cool, and I knew it , 'cause I loved the Monkees and I was watching them "live". It was my first real concert.

I was 7, and Davey Jones was my first crush. He was soooo cute. He beat out Bobby Sherman by a year. 

I loved watching the Monkees TV show, and fell into crush with Davey. When he appeared on the Brady Bunch, I found out it wasn't just me seeking his attention, but Marcia Brady, and she was lucky enough to have him in her living room over a diary issue. Lucky girl.

It is sad when your first idol, dies, at a very young age, 66. It made me think of the goofiness of the show, of the innocent times and of the fun music. Remember their red velvet shirts? It was the era of tambourines and maracas in songs. How could you not sing along when you heard the opening drum roll of the show's them song, "Hey hey, we're the monkees..."

How can that not make you smile and sing along?
Well it still does me.

Sad to hear the passing of Davey Jones — not forgotten — not by a long shot.

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  1. What a Cool homage to Davey; I'm sure he would love it, especially the scarf.


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