Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Did I really say spring has sprung?

One week after spring has officially greeted us, this morning I was greeted with a frozen bird bath and a zero degree temperature with winds. Now there may not be a wind chill, none the less, this change in temperature has caused me to once again don a cashmere turtleneck and gloves. I am the first to love an excuse to cozy up in cashmere, but, I must admit, I was getting used to the false May-like weather we were having. Today I am wearing boots and socks. Last week I was wearing driving mocs and bare feet. Alas — just one of the charms of living in southern Ontario, and in this time of global warming.

A sample of wonderful cashmere
I saw in Kathmandu, exactly one year ago.
Pashmina is another name for cashmere.

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