Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bag of beads challenge

Each year, the Toronto Bead Society has a bead challenge, wherein , we are given the opportunity to all purchase the same little bag pack and given two months to create something with them, using at least one of each of the elements. On January 11, 2012, I paid $10 and received a bag of beads. It was an odd mix of seed beads and tulle, yes tulle. There is always one zinger in the package.
The elements in the bag of beads challenge.
 Last year, I bought the bag of beads, and because of timing of different events going on in my life, I didn't even start the project, even though I had a clear vision as to what I was  going to do with them. This year, was another story. I had the time, but no vision.

Firstly, I am not a fan of seed beads. They are bitty and made for use with nimble fine boned hands. They are finicky and used in more what I call, type "A" projects, where the precision of the peyote stitch is needed. Because of the seed beads, I felt compelled to use a needle and thread on this project, again, not one of my fortes, but, I liked the colour combination and was up for the challenge.
Working through the project.
 This past Wednesday evening was the big reveal. What a beautiful array of pieces. The Toronto Bead Society is comprised of a very talented group of ladies, and a few good men. Approximately twenty people took up the challenge and had their pieces on display for the group to see. We each had to get up and talk about our piece, inspiration for it and so on.

We had gorgeous necklaces, one using fiber art pieces, a dragon fly, a beaded dragon, a scrap booking cover, a phoenix on copper relief, broaches an amazing variety of interpretations from one little bag. Just goes to show you what a little imagination can lead to.

Oh, and there was a raffle during the meeting with prizes consisting of Swarovski crystal packages, and one coveted jewellery encyclopedia. Yours truly won the coveted encyclopedia — I was the envy of the room. All in all, it was a fun and eye opening evening.

The final shaggy bead bracelet.

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