Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chic customer service?

If only all service industry men could like like this?
But who am I to complain?

Yesterday I woke up to a chilly house and one dead furnace. This is winter, while albeit a very unusually warm winter for Toronto, it is still February, and I need a working furnace.  I got on the phone to my local gas service provider and was given a four hour window when I would have a service technician arrive within. Thank goodness I  purchased that extra heat protection plan just last year.

Within my four hour window, I was greeted by your stereotypical "Ralph Kramden type" service guy, hiking up his pants as I opened the front door.
"Hi, I'm with Direct Energy," as he was holding two tool bags, a knee pad and little slippers to cover his shoes.
"Come on in."

As I directed him down to the furnace room, I asked a few basic questions,
"Is it really dead?" and "Is this going to be a big bill?"
I was pleasantly surprised by his quick testing, knowledge of my unit, over all health of my unit, and prognosis of my unit. It seems a sensor was misfiring, causing the furnace to shut off, and that that was unusual for this make and model of furnace. He phoned a buddy, ordered a part, which was not standard issue, as this sensor is not common to break down, and a new one was delivered to my house, promptly. Because I had the heat protection plan, the visit cost my nada. Phew.

Between the time I phoned and the time he arrived, I had envisioned purchasing a new furnace, an expense I wasn't counting on this year.

I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service I received both on the phone and in person by Direct Energy. Now, I have had my issues with them in the past, but this time, I was smiling when my technician left. Who cared if he looked like Ralph Kramden?

Ah, to have heat in my house once again.

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