Sunday, February 19, 2012

The best laid plans...

Have you ever had one of those days, when everything you started, ended not at all how you thought it would? Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I was to meet the über runners for a walk in High Park, and join them at runner Mary Ellen's house for a pot-luck brunch post walk/run. I had made my contribution the night before, four mason jars full of yummy strawberry/banana smoothies made with my Manitoba clover honey. They were delish. I had heard snow was in the forecast overnight for Friday, but, when I opened my living room shutters yesterday at 6:30, to discover a heavy wet blanket of snow, my enthusiasm for meeting everyone waned very quickly. I didn't feel like getting soaking wet feet trudging through un-shoveled sidewalks. As I've gotten older, I've turned into a weather wussy, particularly when I'm not training for anything, and don't have that same motivation to push me out the door — even though I knew a marvelous brunch would be involved. Whenever the running ladies have gathered for dinners/lunches and brunches, the generosity and quality of food has always been top notch. We love our good food. Ok, so, my first plan of the day was nixed.

Well, I decided to at least be productive and finish braiding a bracelet I started the night before, only, I didn't like it so much the next day, and ended up pulling it all a part. Why waste good material? Second plan foiled.

I knew I had to go into the office at some point, so that I could utilize my jumbo tron monitor, while I put together a story/photo book to order on line. Before Christmas I had taken advantage of a "travelzoo deal" which was going to expire yesterday. It was for the cost of the story/photo book at 60% off — so totally worth me going into the office, on our long weekend, to get it done, and take advantage of the savings. After four and a half hours of plugging in photos and copy, I was checking  out and typing in my voucher code, only to have it red flagged, and told I couldn't use it. What? All this work, on my long weekend, and I can't get my savings? I was exhausted and frustrated. Of course the people I had to phone only worked Monday to Friday, 9-5, so was out of luck for any answers yesterday. I proceeded to check out, paying the full price, knowing, both phone calls and emails were in my future for queries as to what happened.

Once home I decided to make a lush and thick royal aubergine  necklace adorned with a pretty oval purple agate pendant. Again, the best laid plans — the necklace is now a double wrap bracelet with a focal toggle. Alas, the braiding was too lush and thick, to pass through the pendant's bail. Glad I thought how else I could use the braiding, and not have to take that piece a part too.

At that  point, I thought it was best I just read the paper and relax, as everything I started, was not meant to be — at least not yesterday.

Double wrap braided bracelet tossed a top my earring tray in frustration.

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  1. Kat; We all have days like that, so you did the right thing and just relaxed.


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