Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My word of the week catch-up

October 3 - Strength
October 10 - Sanctuary
October 17 - Written
October 24 - Soft
October 31 - Shiver
November 7 - Cherish

Yes, it has been six weeks, since I've dealt with my word of the week challenge from Andrew. I've noted them, thought about them and concluded the following:
My Mom gives me strength.
My home provides me with sanctuary.
I get more pleasure out of keeping a written blog than I would ever have imagined —thank you Andrew and Kate for pushing me initially.
My precious Gretel, is the softest creature I have felt.
The thought of our first snow fall of the season causes me to shiverthank goodness for cashmere.
And cherish, would describe how I feel about my relationship with my Mom and my feline companions, Gretel and Lily.

There you go, six weeks of homework covered off.
And all very connected.

Soft: Lily and Gretel & the armless teddy bear.

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