Monday, November 14, 2011

Finish - say it isn't so Andrew.

Andrew has just assigned my last word of the week assignment. I will be very sorry not to see my word assignment each Monday.

Very appropriate that the last word should be finish. When I first read the word, I thought of kinds of finishes, as in shiny, pewter, brass, matte,  and so on, not that the word of the week assignments are finished. So sad. I really did come to enjoy them, be frustrated by them, be challenged by them and took it for granted that they would just be there, waiting for me on a Monday, in perpetuity. I guess nothing lasts forever.

Yes, I was one of those original seven women that gathered in the Arizona desert in January, to take on this challenge. I still have my piece of paper with my first word challenge passed to me from either Ellen or Doriot, in my journal, I bought special for the "Capturing the Moment" workshop. The word was "clear". I was told to take a photo that captures "clear", since I smugly stated that I was not interested in blogging, but was interested in photography.

I've always been a fan of blue & I loved how Mother Nature,
made this incredible clear blue interpretation,
in stone, in the desert.

I loved the clear blue sky
that greeted us each day in the desert.

How interesting that my first word should be clear, and that my last word would be finish. Blogging and the push to think outside the box creatively has spawned many new ideas for me, and made things clearer if you will. The fact that Andrew chose to finish this assignment on the word finish, ties things up very neatly.

Andrew said that it has been 42 weeks since this project began. So, so much for a matte finish, I think this is a shiny, high gloss finish to a wonderful life course for me. Thank you Andrew.

In front of some of my work November 5, 2011.


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