Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My love of colour...

Just cracked my November Style at Home magazine, and saw the following quote by Carleton Varney, one of America's top interior designers, " I honestly believe that if you're a happy person, you have to live with colour." 

Nuff said.


  1. Hi, Kathi - I found your blog while reading Andrew Thornton's weekly word challenge. I read some of your prior blog entries and have to say that all the beautiful pictures and interesting travel information have inspired me to create a super colorful necklace. Nice to me you!

    Lisa (Pine Ridge Treasures)

  2. Sorry for the misspelling - I was trying to say "Nice to meet you"! LOL

  3. Hi Lisa,it always surprises me who reads my blog, and how you find it. I'm thrilled I could inspire you.


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