Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arrivederci Venezia...

• Lots of walking • Melt in your mouth gnocchi • Meals beside a canal • Tall beautiful men, with personalities to match, who knew how to accessorize • Endless canals • Gorgeous gloves • Vivaldi • Murano glass • Scarves worn by everyone • A church on every corner • Cappuccino's for breakfast • Gondolas • Vaportto's • Valpolicella • Prosecco • The colourful houses of Burano • Photo ops on every street • Sharing memories with good friends • Quality mother/daughter time •  Love of Italy reconfirmed • Being with good friends at special times • Colour • Low rise buildings • Marble • Bridges • History • A sense of style • Water • Docks • Singing

It was a whirlwind trip — but those are my most favorite as I feel I get a lot of experiences in a short time.

When I saw a car for the first time in six days, it hit me, that I really had been a very different world.  :)

Mom on the vaporetto back to Piazzale Roma,
to catch a cab to the airport.
There was no way, my Mom was doing another
crazy speedy water taxi back to the airport.
We even had a porter take our bags to the vaporetto.

One last pass under the Accedemia Bridge,
with skinny house and gondola in the background.

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  1. Wow Kathi - this is one great looking trip! Gorgeous pics!


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