Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

The second Sunday in May, can only mean one thing, Mother's Day.

My Mom and I have a pretty special relationship. We actually like each other. Yes, we love each other, but, we really do enjoy each others company, trust each other implicitly, are there for each other through the good and the bad, and, are best friends. Now I know some people may find that odd, a mother as a best friend, but, she really is. My Mom knows all my skeletons, and never judged me. She has the capacity to embrace all life has thrown at her, and taught me how to cope, reason, indulge, note, enjoy, acknowledge and embrace life too.

My Mom has always had a "joie de vivre." People notice it and remember that about her, including me. She smiles easily, can strike up a conversation with anyone, about anything from the mundane to hardcore politics. She is always willing to help me, even when I don't ask, or think I need help. My Mom is a mean pastry chef, great cheerleader and one of life's optimists.

I am very lucky that my Mom is still a part of my life and that we can still find pleasure in each others company, whether it be sharing our weekly coffee at Java Joe's or planning our next vacation.

Happy Mother's Day Genia!
You have been a great role model.
Love and big hugs.


  1. Kat; You have me in tears, and I can't find a box of Kleenex, and I don't mean weepy, but flowing and can't find the darn tissues.I'm so glad I haven't put my face on yet, or I would have to redo it. Kat, what can I say. You always amaze me with your love and generosity of expressing it. I could not ask for a better best friend or daughter/best friend who is always there for me, or reminds me gently that my idea was not so great, after all. I can not imagine what my life would have been like, had I not had you in my life. Sweetheart, you have been my rock through many trying periods of this great life that we share together. You are right; we have a very unique relationship, and I treasure it more than anything in my life. You are always there for me. Kat, in case I haven't told you recently how much I love you, just a reminder, that I do love you so dearly, my darling daughter. Love and hugs, Genia.

  2. Ok, now I need tissues too! Happy to have witnessed and been part of some of those special times. Remembering my Mom and her own unique joie de vivre too... ;-) Hugs and love to both of you!


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