Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Carnage has struck...

And that can only mean one thing. I am officially at war with the squirrels in my neighborhood.

This morning I went to work with a lovely display of tulips in my flower box on my porch. I had at least 18 full, beautiful flowers. As I drove up my driveway this evening, and saw an empty flower box, and tulips strewn across my driveway, and on my porch,  I knew it could only be the work of one critter, the squirrel.

I have resisted planting my favorite spring time flower, because of such antics, but love the cheeriness of the tulip, so caution begone, and tulips were here. In the past I have ensconced the tulip bulbs with blood and bone meal, to keep the vermin at bay. Unfortunately, they got me with my guard down, and I forgot to add the mighty mixture, and they let me know who's turf this was. The tulips were actually dug up and ripped out.

I now have a tiny bouquet of the few tulips I could salvage from my porch, brightening up my kitchen's window sill.

Noted, one for the squirrel. This war is not over yet.

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