Monday, May 28, 2012

Bird baths

Is there anything more chirpy and cheeful as a robin having a full on spa treatment in a bird bath? I get the plump ones, the young naive ones and the families. They can empty the bowl in a day with all their activity.

My birdbath, located behind lovely ostrich ferns, beside a David Austen rose and in front of peonies, is beautifully sheltered and protected for my neighborhood birds. It has been one busy spot in my garden for the past couple of months, with spring arriving extra early this year.

I love watching all the activity, and you can believe Lily and Gretel do too, from the safety of my front door. I was eye to eye with a mourning dove this evening as I watered the garden. Who was going to out-stare who? I just moved my hose further down the garden and let him, or her, carry one.

And on warm day like today, I can see why there is so much action — a comforting relief for them I'm sure — not to mention the squirrels going for a sip or two.

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