Saturday, April 9, 2011

What time is it really?

• Arrive in Hong Kong at 5:30 am local time • Passed the first 3 hours, of my 12 hour layover, in Starbucks with my fellow flight mates frozen out of their seats too • No idea what I paid for Chai Latte (the Visa bill will let me know) • Gorgeous spotless airport • Duty free includes: Prada, Gucci, Tiffany • The best of the best shopping is here • Resisted all but two fridge magnets • Checked into the Plaza Deluxe Traveller's lounge for 6 hours of solid sleep • Highly recommend this option • Zen-like spa room came with a heated bed and James Bond-like shower controls and a buffet lunch and internet service, all for $120US • Question: How did I not hear one plane take off or land, all while sleeping in the centre of the airport? At home, depending on the take off patterns, my windows shake. • The last leg, Hong Kong to Kathmandu, included a stop in Bangladesh (4 1/2 hour flight) • Plane full of trekkers and families • Arrive at 11:00 pm in Kathmandu • Get in queue for Visa • Picked up by my Volunteer group's driver, Bagwan, and driven to the hostel? • I thought I was to go to my host family's home, but too tired to question any more • Dark deserted roads all through the 25 minute drive • Potholes everywhere • Large padlock to unlock to the hostel property • Two padlocks to unlock to the hostel building and accordion gate • Power is off in the building, and told to take a bed in the end room • Shared the room with a young chap from Taiwan • I'll take any bed at this point • What time and what day is it — really?

Great people watching from Starbucks which sat in the centre of all the gates.   

Handy Money exchange was beside the Visa entry queue.

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