Friday, April 15, 2011

The good, the bad and the squatty.

• Another gorgeous blue sky morning • The Kalinki Temple bells can easily be heard at the hostel • As a nation, the people of Nepal I have encountered,  have been very generous, in spirit and in action • Third World countries seem to try that little bit harder • At least in the case of Nepal, and at least to me they do • That would be the good • The overwhelming stench of burning garbage is a daily occurrence - occasional the smoke would overpower me • The river running though town is just obliterated with refuse • Sadly piles of debris even sit beside Temples • There is visible dirt on me at the end of each day - thank goodness for my container of baby wipes I brought • This would be the bad • Now for the squatty: I think it is self evident • I think the only ones who don't wince at the sight of the squatty are those that grew up with it, and are used to squatting daily from a young age • Need I say more? • As the Buddhist Monks take Friday and Saturday off from their studies, we are not scheduled to teach until Sunday • Free day to peruse Thamel and the local district • This was our last day with our fellow volunteers in the hostel, as they were about to head down to Chitwan for a Safari for the weekend, and we would be gone by the time they got back • Had a great chat with Amit and Peter  • Peter is from Switzerland and had just returned from a 20 day trek to Everest Base Camp and looked exhausted • Amit would shortly be going on his Everest Trek and noted Peter's experiences • Everest - does it just not conjure up thoughts of yetis, yaks, romance & awe? • Forget Star Trek and the final frontier, Everest is to me - perhaps a reason to return? • The four of us sat in our room, in the dark with our head lamps on until Prakaash called us for dinner

Shy little school boy who was curious about me.

Lovely Mom & child in the Market.

Garbage just dumped in town.

Trying to organize the garbage?

How not to use a western style toilet. It must be an issue.
Never take your toilet for granted. I know I won't.

Lattes in Thamel.

I told you I had a fixation on the crazy wires.

Kitti and a couple of the girls
sporting their headlamps in our room.


  1. what an incredible adventure! Thank you for blogging it!

  2. It is my pleasure blogging. Thank you Kate for introducing the art of the blog.


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