Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wall of Fire

This time of year is aglow as I drive to work. Even on a grey and dreary day, I can't help but notice the wall of fire on the side of the road, that Mother Nature gives us each year at this time. Maples, Oaks, Birches, they are all on fire with autumnal colours of red, orange and yellow. I have a burning bush in front of my house that is ablaze in all it's glory. All summer this little bush serves as nothing but a hole filler, as I call it in my garden. But now, the burning bush is showing off, while the hostas lay limp on the ground in front of this magnificent red bush. As much as I'm not a fan of the season, I can't help but enjoy the light show.

My miniature burning bush -- aglow.

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  1. Thank you for appreciating all the beauty of one of our most exotic seasons. Mother nature goes out of her way to put on the most spectacular colour shows around, almost in anticipation of the changes to come, by giving us one big spectacular show.It must be her way of saying ENJOY IT, in getting us ready for the brrrr winter.


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