Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm in a New York state of mind

New York - the Big Apple - it can take my breath away. She has so much to offer, that every time I come home after visiting her, I feel like I live in a small town, and I don't.

I've just returned from a whirlwind visit to New York city. I went with a general idea of what I wanted to do and see, and of course, never completed my list. There is just so much to want to see and do in New York. I feel I get energized when I'm there, and collapse into a ball of exhaustion once I get home. What with so many theatre options, restaurant options, festivals, galleries, museums, shops, I'm always left wanting more, which only keeps me going back to this fabulous city. But, with each trip, I like to tick off new things I've done.

One of the locals at
the Upper West Side's weekly flea market.
 This time I had my first row boat ride in the lake in Central Park.

A new perspective of the park.
 Now, I'm a huge fan of Central Park, and it always plays big on my trips to this city, as I've run in two half marathons in the park. That means that I have run at least four laps around Central Park, and let me tell you, it is a lot bigger and hillier than you would ever imagine. Central park is one of those gems that New Yorkers don't take for granted. It is a little, well, not so little oasis in the heart of the great metropolis. Walking down the Mall under the elm trees towards Bathesda Terrace, you can almost imagine you are in the country. The intimate little zoo in the park has always captured my heart. The Wolfman rink has eluded me for years, as I've always missed skating on it's surface, but have a date set for this December, where I  hope to finally skate there. This time my hotel had a magnificent view of Central Park. What a million dollar view. It was lovely to wake up to the sunrise over the park and fall asleep to the city lights twinkling around the park and on the pathways through the park. Breakfasts over looking the park was a treat each morning.

Our breakfast view.
I've celebrated a few birthdays in this great city, seen many great performances on the stage here, shared a few celebrations with friends here, explored the galleries and the shops, and it keeps me coming back for more. What more could I want from a fabulous city?

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