Saturday, January 28, 2012


What a wind it was this morning.

Yesterday, Barb, Marilyn and I had tentativley made plans to meet at High Park for our usual constitutional this morning, until we heard the weather forecast for today. Yesterday was a miserable morning, with wet snow & slippery roads, and that was what we had heard was in the forecast for this morning. We agreed to check email this morning to reconfirm.

Well Marilyn's poor dog Lucca got sprayed by a skunk last night, so she wouldn't be joining us. I saw slight precipitation at my house, but thought it was ok, so Barb and I agreed to meet at High Park.

We walked south through the park, crossed the cordoroy road they call Lakeshore Blvd., to walk along the boardwalk that runs parallel to Lake Ontario.  Wooosh. Walking west, we had a driving wind in our face, and rain, or wet stuff hitting our faces. Neither one of us were cold, so we persued this nutty habit of ours. As the km's went on, we saw very few people out there this morning. Approaching the big bridge that crosses the Humber river, the winds opened up with avengence. Barb said, "only the hardy are out here today. Them and the dog walkers." And that was as true a statement as it comes.

Where there wasn't necessarily the cold, or snow, the winds were incredible. The lake was churned up, even inside the break wall, and the swells were huge that were crashing against it. As we got to the more sheltered Humber bay marine area, it calmed down, and at least we would have the wind at our back on our return walk, something I remember you always wanted, from my early marathon training days.

Well the wind didn't lift us, and float us home, but it was indeed one of the briskest days I can remember being out there. We saw a hand full of serious runners training for something, and the odd dog walker, and then there was the hardy twosome of Barb and Kathi.

Donned with windblown cheeks, we thought a hardy breakfast was in order.

Today made me long for the calm & warmth of summer on the lake.

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