Monday, January 23, 2012


This is my new beading obsession — the art of Japanese braiding, with the aid of a disc.

This past weekend I experimented with different lengths of cord, different gauges of materials, creating different patterns, using different textures, all the while, spurring on more ideas. I have tried Chinese knotting in the past, and I just don't have what it takes to do it proficiently. It's not my thing and that's ok, because when something is my thing, I get excited, and want to keep on doing it. Kumihimo is my thing.

It has so many possibilities just in colours alone. Soon as I  throw different materials into the scenerio, and decide on whether I want a flat look or rounded look, depending on whether I use a square or round disc, the possibilities are, really endless.

The Tucson three , aka Laurie Anne and Beth Clinton and me, spent an afternoon together recently, where they showed me the basics of kumihimo using wire. Where wire wasn't necessarily my thing, cord, rattail, leather, and such are. I still haven't advanced yet to mixing beads into the braid, but I know that can't be far off.

The simplicity of the leather braid
is set off by beautiful sterling findings.

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  1. Gorgeous bracelet, the rustic leather combined with a classic braid make a wonderful piece!


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