Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Two in Tucson

Cloudless blue sky - Big starry night - Friendly faces - Helpful people - Like mindedness - Oranges in the garden - Too cold for snakes - Original neon signs  - Dillinger country - Home of the OK Corral - The Hotel Congress - Techno headache - Blog started - Miss my MAC - Artistic environment - Purple minded - Rattlesnake bridge - Navajo turquoise - Surrounded by mountains - Saguaro Cactus galore  - Legalized pot - University town - Atomic ranch - Living in the present - Tohono Churl Park - Carbon footprint in the art world


  1. I love this post. Were those things you jotted down as notes at the time they happened?

  2. How absolutely perfect! Poetry. Both visual and written. I am so happy that you're blogging and hope that you continue to do so. You've got such soul and depth and the world needs more of that. Thank you for sharing what you have, the way you see and a voice that rings.

  3. I do a re-cap each night in small snippits. That accounts for my comments, as few as they are. They are running thoughts more than anything. Thank you both Andrew & Kate for all your help & patience in the last 4 days. What an experience. You made a blogger out of the reluctuant blogger.
    Just wait till I get back on my MAC.


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